At a Wildways party it is often hard to decide who is having the most fun, adults or children. In true Forest School spirit, we spend a little spend time with each child (over seen by the parent or guardian of course) before the party to discuss their thoughts and ideas which we then help bring to life with further suggestions and guidance. In this way the parties are very unique and personal.

A typical Adventurers party may be as follows:

  • Forest Circle Introduction and safety game.
  • Wildways transformation ceremony, ‘Cam-up’ using charcoal, mud and other Forest Fashion Accessories,
  • Make dens and camp fire lighting.
  • Free Play, swinging in hammocks, climbing trees, making camp home comforts.
  • Make a woodland creation to take home, choose from bows and arrows and swords to dream catchers and woodland puppets.
  • Off on a journey through the woods following tracks and trails, a real treasure hunt or a crystal maze type challenge.
  • Back to Wild Woods for big campfire eats, cake and sing Happy Birthday!
  • Time for a few games and a bit more free play before home time.

All parties are very adaptable some are all about running off steam, adventure and fun, whilst others favour a more creative, spiritual and artistic feel. Magical themes such as Woodland Fairies and the Treasure Dragons are popular with younger generations whilst Survival Skills, Bush craft, Elemental Spirits (Earth, wind, fire and water), come to the fore with older groups inspired by ideas, such as the Hunger Games, Mine craft and Harry Potter.

Party Food:

Our party food is also a bit special too, we rear our own pigs, have free range hens and bee hives. Our sausages  are renowned for their taste and quality, our eggs yolks fresh and bright orange and our honey totally sweet and delicious and also great for local hay fever sufferers! We also provide a good choice of fruit and vegetables plus a generous helping of yummy treats. Popular choices include hotdogs (make your own bread), pizza and bacon and egg sandwiches.


Option 1-  2hrs of fun and adventures, games, small craft, DIY food & party bags for 12 children. Costs £150.

Option 2 – 2.5hrs of bespoke fun and adventures, games, crafts, invitations, all food (except the cake), take home bags for 12 children. Costs £180

Please note that we require a minimum of 2 adults to stay throughout the party to ensure the correct adult to child ratio is met. Please visit the Health and Safety page for details on what to wear.