About Our Site

ww_cutlinwith_viewOur private 50 acre site near Tideford, Saltash overlooks the River Tamar and offers a diverse range of habitats and learning opportunities. Explore and discover our wetlands, ponds, streams, woodlands, open countryside, fields and meadows. Our main base is located within a 10 acre woodland, that we call Wild Woods. Here you’ll find our cosy camp and fire circle, swings, places to climb, hammocks, dens, chili-out zone for stories and quiet times.

We have heaps of wildlife badgers, foxes, roe deer, insects and butterflys, frogs, slow worms, woodpeckers, hawks and songbirds, wood mice and stoats plus cows, sheep and horses in the fields. The woodland has lots of opportunities for conservation so if conservation is your thing and you are able to volunteer at any time we would love to hear from you!

On special occasions we also have access to the stunning 4 acre gardens of Cutlinwith. The garden provides us with an amazing backdrop to our site, and lots of other unique opportunities. As part of the NGS scheme the garden opens for charity and private tours, they occasionally can be rented for small to medium sized weddings or other important and special occasions.